"Looks like I've found my new favorite Mexican restaurant - you should go here at least once! The mole sauce is deep, rich, and amazing. The chimichanga contained the most"

Reviewed by:
Robert G., 10/2016, courtesy of Google

Nuevo Laredo Cantina

Your search for the best Mexican food in Atlanta is over. Voted “Best of Atlanta” by Atlanta Magazine since 1992. Nuevo Laredo Cantina features authentic food prepared by Mexican cooks. Georgia native Chance Evans is arguably the most successful restaurateur in Atlanta. He hasn’t franchised nor expanded choosing instead to...

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"We came at 1:00 on a Friday with a party of 9. We were told that we'd have a 45 minute wait because of our party size, but we were"

Reviewed by:
Erin Q., 07/2016, courtesy of Google

Pure Taqueria

Welcome to Pure TaqueriaTM! You’ve heard the buzz. Now try the best. Six incredible, unique locations throughout Atlanta – each expert at satisfying cravings you didn’t even know you had. Join us today and try our award winning margaritas, our “can’t wait for a second bite” fresh fish tacos, unmatched...

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"This food is amazing. The prices are low. The line is out the door everyday because the food is fresh, delicious, and filling. When I saw this place did not"

Reviewed by:
Natalia W., 08/2016, courtesy of Yelp

Taqueria del Sol

A dining experience at Taqueria del Sol is not soon forgotten. While guests stand in line, order and take a seat, similar to the systems of many fast-casual restaurants, the similarities end there. The clean and playful design of all of the restaurants, the speed at which "from scratch" Southern...

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"Here I am again going out to lunch with a friend. She asked what I was in the mood for and not being from the area I said, I love"

Reviewed by:
Michele T., 09/2016, courtesy of Yelp

La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant

For the best Southeastern Mexican zest, your first and only stop must be La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant. Since 1994, we have been serving up a Fiesta, with exciting and delicious menu items that are sure to enchant and fascinate our guests. Currently with 18 locations in Georgia, one in Dothan...

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"This is my favorite restaurant in Atlanta (best value). Chips and Salsa are always fresh and food is very good. Fajitas (although not real meaning they are actually a "Mexican"

Reviewed by:
Edgar F., 07/2016, courtesy of Google

Monterrey Mexican Restaurant

Monterrey Mexican Restaurant features authentic and traditional Mexican dishes. It is a family owned and operated business. Our distinctive menu offers classics such as our famous tacos, burritos, enchiladas and sizzling fajitas. Our combination plates along with newest recipes are by far the best you can find anywhere. There is...

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"Consistent, good food. Staff is always polite and friendly. Everyone is sweet, but I love Darion! He has great customer service skills and makes you feel welcome."

Reviewed by:
Autumn S., 07/2016, courtesy of Yelp

Chipotle Mexican Grill

When Chipotle opened its first restaurant in 1993, the idea was simple: show that food served fast didn't have to be a “fast-food” experience. Using high-quality raw ingredients, classic cooking techniques, and distinctive interior design, we brought features from the realm of fine dining to the world of quick-service restaurants...

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"The food is great. Burritos de lengua/ tongue burritos are my favorite. Arroz con leche is my favorite dessert here. Try it.. you will like the food. The lady at"

Reviewed by:
Carolina B., 06/2016, courtesy of Google

El Taco Veloz

Since our opening on November 1991 in the heart of Buford Hw, Taco Veloz has been offering the best of traditional and popular Mexican street food. Taco Veloz was accepted from day one by the community. With all the textures, colors, flavors and smells , our food is irresistible for any...

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"I absolutely love this place. Anytime I want good food, good drinks, a great atmosphere and exceptional Servers, this is where I go. The presentation of the food is just"

Reviewed by:
Mak S., 07/2016, courtesy of Google

No Mas! Cantina

No Mas! Cantina serves delicious Mexican fare in a delightful atmosphere created from artisan crafted decor. The menu combines richly flavored favorites and unique regional dishes with a special flair, like the skewered Shrimp Alambres, or the best Fajitas, tender and juicy. Wondrous desserts include Cuatro Leches cake, cinnamon-sugary Sopapillas...

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"I've been here a couple times since the yelp Elite event. I was impressed with food and service the first time at the Elite event, but the thing that I"

Reviewed by:
Debby L., 04/2016, courtesy of Yelp

Taqueria Tsunami

Taqueria Tsunami was created to bring you all the great flavors from the Far East and South of the Border to dish up a variety of hand-crafted, fusion tacos, salads, appetizers and cocktails in a comfortable, contemporary setting right to your plate. The idea behind the concept was a vision...

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"Quite possibly some of the best food in Atlanta if you're looking for something with Mexican flair. The empanadas and Tacos are on point, the tamales are to die for"

Reviewed by:
C W Jeffrey, 09/2016, courtesy of Google

Bone Garden Cantina

Bone Garden Cantina is owned by Michael and Kristen Benoit, a husband and wife team in love with Mexican food and agave spirits. Michael has over 20 years experience in the restaurant business as the owner of The Vortex Bar & Grill, which he opened in Atlanta back in 1992...

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"This is my absolute all time favorite place to eat! Great food, great staff, great fun! Stop in and have a seat at the bar with Joseph, Tori or Andy"

Reviewed by:
Muah P., 09/2016, courtesy of Google

Huey Luey's

Huey Luey’s mission is simply to bring you the freshest Mexican food possible. With a warm and inviting decorating style, we created a unique restaurant around original recipes that command only the freshest ingredients. More than tacos and enchiladas, Huey Luey’s specializes in marinated grilled beef dishes, as in our...

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"Without a doubt this is my favorite restaurant in the city of Warner Robins. Staff is always great. Highly recommend it to anybody. Far better than the "other" options in"

Reviewed by:
Avery E., 05/2016, courtesy of Google


Living in Colorado and traveling extensively throughout the Southwest introduced Downing Barber, owner and CEO of Barberitos Franchising, Inc. to the wonders of southwestern cuisine. This method of food preparation fascinated Downing once he discovered that an individual could eat a healthy and complete meal high in nutritional value. Putting...

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"Had an amazing time with the wife and children! It was Susie-Beth's birthyear anniversary and the staff was very polite and greeted us with smiles the moment we walked in"

Reviewed by:
Rafael G., 10/2016, courtesy of Yelp

Frontera Mex-Mex Grill

It all started in 1987, when Norberto Sanchez decided to share the true food of his native Mexico. He dreamed in providing a unique and satisfying experience for everyone. Now, 27 years and 13 locations later, we are proud to say that his dream becomes reality every single day. We...

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"Best Mexican food in Georgia. We're from California and it's been hard finding good Mexican food. The onion and cheese enchiladas are great. Thin crispy freshly made chips and salsa"

Reviewed by:
tdwerho, 09/2016, courtesy of Google

Uncle Julio's

Take in the aroma of smoky grilled fajitas or sizzling shrimp brochettes. Savor the full flavor that only freshly picked ingredients can produce in the roasted vegetables and spicy salsa. Taste authentic border style in the marinated beef skirt steak or the uniquely grilled quail. A custom margarita, created from...

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"Amazing ambiance! We passed by here earlier in the day, and the unique storefront caught my eye. We couldn't decide what to have for dinner so decided to check them"

Reviewed by:
Sara M., 10/2016, courtesy of Yelp

Alma Cocina

Welcome to Alma Cocina! The best authentic Mexican in downtown Atlanta. Alma Cocina brings a new approach to contemporary Latin and Mexican cuisine and a whole lot of spice to the heart of downtown Atlanta. Our traditional regional flavors are bright, fresh and vibrant in mouthwatering authentic Mexican dishes, like...

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