About Us

RYANS SEARCH, LLC headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia has simplified the search for consumers seeking to find the best companies in various industries.  Like most great companies, RYANS SEARCH was born of necessity–and consumer frustration. The frustration of not being able to find service providers we could trust quickly and easily, when we need them most.

Life happens to everyone and when life comes knocking, it usually doesn’t give you time to research who the best person or company might be to fix your roof, pull your tooth, defend you in court or provide you with various other services. That’s why we created RYANS SEARCH. We’ve already done the research, plowed through thousands of reviews, and found the top businesses in your area so you can be assured you’re making the best decision for your home or family. 911 works the same way—it’s already set up and ready for you when you need it most.

Our Difference

Unlike other websites, our website is free for consumers to choose one of the best companies listed for their needs.  RYANS SEARCH only features companies that are ‘A-rated’ by consumers as one of the best businesses within their industry.

Based on an independent research study, consumers evaluate between three to seven businesses before making their decision of which company to fulfill their needs. Therefore, we only provide a maximum of seven ‘best companies’ per industry for consumer decisions.  If we feel there are not seven to qualify, then the maximum of seven may not be listed.


RYANS SEARCH crews a diverse group of talented individuals. Hailing from coast to coast and throughout the South. Our mission is to connect consumers with trustworthy businesses that are A-rated. Our team possesses vast experience in marketing and small business operations. By offering a valuable service to the consumer, we strengthen the bond between reliable service providers and their customers.

Our company is lead by Jeff Ryans, a former corporate executive with BellSouth Telecommunications.  Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and over 25 years experience working directly with small businesses and consumers.   Jeff understands the importance of connecting consumers with the best service providers to fulfill their needs.

Peer Reviews (about our CEO)

“I have had the distinct pleasure of having Jeff as a colleague and personal friend for over 20 years. I know him to be the consummate professional.  Sharp, intelligent, personable, dedicated, sincere and trustworthy.  Jeff has always been a man of strong faith, who demonstrates an unwavering desire to help his fellow human beings.  Conviction and sincerity are the foundations by which he lives. Jeff, I am PROUD to call you my friend and I am a better man today for having you in my life. Thank you, Sir!” -Dean Clinton, Sunshine Media

“Jeff Ryans is a highly skilled and talented corporate executive.  He is professional and offers the best of both worlds as a mentor and leader.  He will provide nothing short of First Class Service as his business trademark. Thanks Jeff for being an inspiration to many. Best Regards.” -Al Franklin, City Councilman, Lithonia, Georgia

“Jeff has an astounding background in Business and Marketing.  In my opinion, he is one of the most amazing people to work with.  His personable attitude along with his professionalism makes Jeff a pleasure to be around.  Most importantly, he is very goal-oriented and has an unstoppable drive for success.  He is one of the most reliable people I know that always gets the job done right.  Jeff is a tremendous asset to the business world and he has my highest recommendation.” -Amanda Alberstadt, Zimmerman Advertising

“I have known Jeff for over four years.  It is during this time I have found him to be a consummate, astute and disarming individual whose charisma and quiet confidence remains worthy of sincere commendation.  I have seen excellence exuded from Jeff through his numerous doctoral classroom presentations and continue to be impressed with his strong intellect and academic passion.  A master of his art, he maintains an alacrity for invaluable tutelage and inspiration, and will offer a kind word to those familiar to him, both near and far. Family man, noble statesman and true citizen, are some of the words that readily come to mind when analyzing such an interesting character. Needless to say, his conduct is exemplary.  With this in mind, I unhesitatingly recommend him, and find genuine delight and appreciation in doing so.” -Dr. Duane Gordan, Adjunct Professor, Argosy University

Customer Testimonials

“As a person who admits has fears about going to the dentist, I must also admit how pleasant my visit was with the dentist my wife chose from this directory.  The staff was excellent and the dentist was outstanding.  He knows a coward when he sees one and immediately made me feel comfortable…lol!   Thank you Ryans Search!  – Charles W. (Peachtree City, GA) 

“Great website!  A discussion about your company came up in our neighborhood meeting last night.  Here are some of the interesting points made about your website service:  1) Free usage (no consumer membership fee), 2) Quick and easy, 3) the customer is still in control; when I want to call instead of me giving my email address, phone number, project, budget, etc., and 3-5 contractors call…seems like at the worst time possible.  I hope my message gets to the owner just to say thank you for making it easier for a whole lot of people!”  – Peter A.  (Marietta, GA)

“I like the new look of the yellow pages (clean and simple).  This directory also places customer reviews from various sources on here as well.  I did call two different companies from here to check my furnace.  Both companies were outstanding!  I just bookmarked this site and look forward to using it again and again!” -Donna W.  (Woodstock, GA) 

“Thank you for making it easier for my husband and I to find the right contractor.  We almost gave up finding an honest person who we felt comfortable enough to invite to our home.  Based on his reviews, we selected his company.  They did a magnificent job with our new windows.  Your company helped save our marriage over this decision…seriously!”  -Sara A. (Atlanta, GA) 

“I can’t express how much we appreciate this website.  Who has time to research a good lawyer?  After reading these reviews, all seven law firms looked great.  We thought we would call three, however, after speaking with the first one we chose, we felt good about our choice.   My son’s future was on the line.  The case was dismissed.  Thank you for everything!  We just used your site again to call a mechanic!”  -Dwayne C. (Lawrenceville, GA)

“Much better than craigslist!  I feel more comfortable utilizing this trusted source!  Not to mention, my wife feels better inviting trustworthy companies to our home!  When she’s not happy…well, do I need to say more!”  -Rick J. (Decatur, GA)

“It looks like someone at the phone company finally got it right.  Give me only the best of the best.  I don’t have the time nor the money to waste on mediocre services.”  -Nancy L. (Jonesboro, GA) 


Our career opportunities are for those who are trustworthy, coachable and have a strong work ethic.  We work as a team to strengthen small businesses and communities. We understand wholeheartedly if our small businesses are not growing, we have nothing to celebrate either.  Driven by passion and an entrepreneurial spirit, our territory leaders strive to be the ‘cities best’ marketing team and make the most of this opportunity to succeed.

Please send your resume, cover letter and contact information to [email protected]