Why should I use RyansSearch.com opposed to just doing a Google Search?

Today’s consumers are “search-a-holics,” but their search behaviors aren’t one-size-fits-all. According to a research study conducted by IDC, 36% of local searchers start their journey on a search engine while more than 50% begin elsewhere online (customer reviews, online directories, etc.) But regardless of where they start, it goes without saying that people are searching- and a lot! – Local Search Association (2016).

What makes RyansSearch.com different from other online directories?

RyansSearch.com is an exclusive website featuring and promoting a maximum of seven companies per industry. Based on independent research of consumer buying habits, most consumers’ decision-making about a company they are seeking to fulfill a need is determined after they have reviewed between three to seven companies.

Secondly, RyansSearch.com is the only site that post reviews from other Internet directory sites, such as Angies List, on their own site. Why? Our focus is to promote the companies that have been awarded to be on RyansSearch.com. Therefore, wherever a positive review has been posted, consumers will obtain all the information they need from one source, RyansSearch.com. We will decrease the need of consumers searching from multiple websites during their decision-making process for a trustworthy service provider.Our research experts have solved this problem by selecting a maximum of seven A-rated companies per industry.

How much does it cost to use RyansSearch.com?

Consumers have FREE access to the best in class businesses in their areas.

Can any business join RyansSearch.com?

No. Our business model is designed to include only the best of the best in various industries. Approximately 90% of the businesses featured on RyansSearch.com are selected based on consumer reviews and proprietary criteria.

We value consumer feedback and accept nominations of businesses that consistently demonstrated exceptional service throughout every phase of the purchase, to include customer service. Once a nomination is submitted, the business is researched to determine if it meets our requirements as one of the best in their industry. If they do meet our criteria, they will be offered an opportunity to be featured on RyansSearch.com. Keep in mind a maximum of seven companies will be listed per category. A waiting list may be established in cases where a maximum has already been listed.

How do you know these companies are some of the best companies in their industry?

We’ve done the homework for you—there was a lot! Since 2014, we have spent countless hours researching thousands of businesses in 25 Georgia counties. We are confident that the companies featured on RyansSearch.com will meet and exceed your expectations. After all, they have the reviews to proof it.

What if I know of a company that I have used and think they should be featured on RyansSearch, what should I do?

Please complete and submit the nomination form located on our home page. We will contact the business and inform them about your nomination.

How is the business listing order determined on RyansSearch.com?

Company listings under each category are determined by the signature date of our agreement. A listing rotation cycle may be implemented at a later date.

Where is the company headquarters?

3333 Piedmont Road, Suite 2050, Atlanta, GA 30305

What area is RyansSearch.com available?

Currently, RyansSearch.com is available in 25 Georgia counties. We are excited about our 2017 plans which include additional states. Stay tune, if we are not in your area yet, we are coming very soon!