"I truly love you after my son I weighed 253 and now I'm 3 months postpartum and I'm under 200 pounds. Thank you because of you I enjoy looking in"

Reviewed by:
Jeannie S., 11/2016, courtesy of Facebook

Gold's Gym

Choose a local gym like Gold’s Gym Birmingham (Vestavia) in Alabama, when you want a full-service fitness center complete with a running track, basketball court, racquetball court, women’s only area and many more deluxe amenities. Check out our diverse workout class schedule, and choose from over 50 classes weekly for...

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"Great fitness center with everything you need to stay in shape and then some. Highly recommend."

Reviewed by:
Roger R., 01/2017, courtesy of Facebook

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is known for a lot of things. We’ve got tons of equipment, clean and spacious locker rooms, and the friendliest staff around. We’re also the home of the Judgement Free Zone®, which is a somewhat fancy way of saying we’re a laid-back environment, where you don’t need to...

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"I was always hesitant to join Iron Tribe. I am in my mid 50's and I felt like the workouts would be overwhelming. I tried the 101 just to see"

Reviewed by:
Melvin U., 06/2016, courtesy of Google

Iron Tribe Fitness

Founded in Birmingham, Alabama - a city fondly nicknamed the Iron City for its rich history in iron and steel — Iron Tribe Fitness blends one-on-one coaching with group fitness. Because we want you to get the most out of every 45-minute workout, we always provide two highly-trained coaches and...

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"Forge is the only Crossfit gym that I've been to, and it has so far been quite a positive experience. Proper technique is emphasized which has helped me stay injury"

Reviewed by:
Chase M., 04/2017, courtesy of Google

Forge Fitness Powered by CrossFit Shades

Forge Fitness is not just a gym – it’s a family of people who want to look and feel better and enjoy the support of others who want the same. We offer dynamic, functional exercise powered by the CrossFit methodology to help you build strength, endurance, and power all while...

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