"I've had Junior and his team work on two separate jobs and they did a marvelous job each time. They corrected poor workmanship from major retailers and laid beautiful hardwood"

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Cameron Curran, 08/2018, courtesy of Google

Atlanta Wood Masters

For years we have been in the market, offering high quality flooring work with very affordable prices. We use only the best equipment and materials available, and have performed all kinds of jobs such as installation, finishing and refinishing in museums, churches, bars and restaurants as well residences all over...
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"I am not easily impressed, much inclined to write a review. So to get to the point as I would like to read, here is my bulleted review: 1.)"

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Mark Mueller, 02/2019, courtesy of Google

Northside Floors

For 34 years, we have had the privilege of helping thousands of homeowners transform their house into a beautiful home, turning fixer uppers into showcases, creating jaw-dropping designs. Our team of seasoned, flooring specialists provide surprise free estimates, a wide selection of quality flooring, carpet, tile, and laminate. The level...

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