"Criminal defense lawyers that are truly outstanding. They also do high end civil cases. Top lawyers in Atlanta."

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Brian Pastor, 03/2018, courtesy of Google

McKenney & Froelich

McKenney & Froelich have a long and distinguished history of success in both criminal and civil litigation and have numerous appellate victories. McKenney and Froelich practice in both federal and state courts. They take a limited number of cases so that their chosen clients get the benefit of personal service...

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"I highly recommend Robert and his team. Stellar service and superior knowledge. Without going into all the specific details of needing Legal representation, for more than one matter, that were"

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Vickie, 03/2018, courtesy of Avvo

Robert W. Hughes & Associates, P.C.

Since 1992 Robert W. Hughes & Associates, P.C. has offered high quality legal advice to small businesses and individuals. We focus primarily on probate issues including litigation in contested cases. However, we also handle all other matters that come before the probate courts of Georgia. In addition, we offer...

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"Kevin has represented me over the past few years. He has been able to handle everything fast and effectively! I am very happy with his work because I know he"

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Porsha Johnson, 01/2019, courtesy of Google

Law Office of Kevin C. Ford

The Law Offices of Kevin C. Ford has over 19 years of legal experience in personal injury law throughout Georgia and handles most types of personal injury and civil claims including: workers' compensation, auto collision, wrongful death, dog bite cases, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, social security disability, premises liability...

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