"I've had an exceptionally unique and positive experience at Winner Wellness. I came here with an open mind, and following the nutrition plans and chiropractic care here has helped to"

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Tracey Caliendo, 06/2014, courtesy of Facebook

Winner Wellness Center

Dr. Winner is an acknowledged leader in both the understanding and treatment of most all related health conditions; uniquely, he accomplishes this without the use of drugs and surgery. With over 30 years of experience, he continues to incorporate the best in innovative ideas and techniques for one single purpose:...

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"Dr Tanya saved my life!!! I have never been in so much pain in my lower back , other than child birth. I felt like my only options were crawling vs"

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Angela Moore, 11/2015, courtesy of Facebook

Flowery Branch Chiropractic

Flowery Branch Chiropractic is a wellness based family practice focused on safe, effective and long-lasting care to help patients regain their spinal health. Spinal pain and dysfunction can be managed without drugs, surgery or lifestyle alterations! We are active in our community to encourage healthy lifestyles for people of all...

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"Highly recommend! The staff are the best! I have been a patient here for many years and they have served me well. They are caring, and knowledgeable. I always feel"

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David Flood, 07/2022, courtesy of Facebook

Optimum Health Rehab and Wellness

Have you been involved in a car accident? We can help recover from car accident injuries or any personal injuries you are suffering from. With Optimum Health Rehab and Wellness medical center in Georgia, US, you will get the attention, care, and outcome you deserve. You can expect an evaluation...
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"I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeffery Ryans and his team at First Choice Accident & Injury Care. I have recommended two people who have unfortunately been involved in accidents with trucks"

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Nadine Wheat, 05/2021, courtesy of linkedin.com

First Choice Accident Doctors

You Pay Nothing. We Bill The At-Fault Insurance Company! Our board-certified doctors are experts when it comes to accident injuries, which often includes treating chronic back and neck pain. First Choice Accident Doctors hand picks each doctor for our team based on their many years of experience and results in...

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