How to Take Your House to the Next Level for the Holidays

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Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching and soon you will have a house full of friends and family! So we are here to give you some tips that can help you make your house look even better for this holiday season.

One of the easiest things you can do is clean your carpets and your floors. This is as simple as renting a carpet cleaner and polishing your hardware floors. And I know, I know, you could just vacuum the floor but you would be surprised how different your carpets will look after a carpet cleaner runs over them.

New furniture will help you impress all your house-guests during the holiday season. You don’t have to wait until Christmas to add new pieces to your home, go ahead and reward yourself and your home early and add that new furniture for yourself and your guests all holiday season.

Do you have some place in the house that you have been eyeing to repaint? Well don’t wait until spring-cleaning to give your house a quick repaint! Grab a soft powdery blue, a crisp white or another color that works for your house year-round and give your house a quick and easy touch up.

Finally put a little bit of the holidays in every room. Place a small cornucopia on the mantle for thanksgiving; put twinkle lights on the banister, all you need is something small so that the holidays touch every room. An easy solution is to find holiday-scented candles and place them throughout the house so every room smells like the holidays.


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