"Awesome experience! The doctor helps you make a lifestyle change...not a quick fix! Weight loss is a journey. Walking daily and a change in my diet has done it"

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Dinel Ealy, 04/2016, courtesy of Google

Medical Weight & Wellness Specialists of Augusta

RESULTS! At Medical Weight and Wellness Specialists of Augusta, we are focused on providing the very best in medically based weight loss services, with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from...

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"Words cannot describe how great this place is. Service is prompt and the staff is professional and courteous. Perfect Health Urgent Care has earned a customer for life (but hopefully"

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Jason Parker, 06/2016, courtesy of Google

Perfect Health Urgent Care & Medical Weight Loss

Our urgent care facility is well equipped to handle all non-emergent conditions. We are well staffed and have increased our available services to accommodate your visit without having to go elsewhere. Perfect Health provides patients with all of the following services: •Treatment of most non-emergent conditions •X-rays, CT scans, Labs...

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"PHC provided a framework for success. Their staff was friendly and knowledgeable, providing guidance on proper nutrition. They held me accountable with our bi-weekly one on one sessions."

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Rod Ingle, 10/2014, courtesy of Google

PHC Weight Loss & Wellness Centers

Welcome to PHC Weight Loss & Wellness Centers! We have been helping people lose weight (and keep it off) for thirty years. PHC is the official weight loss center for "Augusta's Biggest Loser", and we can help you, too. Locally Owned Corporation with 3 area locations • PROVEN RESULTS since...

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