"Granted I have only had one visit and you can not really know what the long term on anything will be until you experience it, however, based on my first"

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Capri Medical Group

Our mission at Capri is to REACH our community with quality health care; to SERVE all our patients with an evidence based approach to care; and to help GROW our community in a healthier manner. Capri is well-positioned to serve Columbus, and the surrounding counties (Harris, Marion, and Talbotton). By...

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"I've been a patient now for a few years on and off only because I moved a lot, but I lost my first 45 pounds with the help of Dr"

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Cathy Nigel H., 03/2016, courtesy of Facebook

Georgia Bariatrics

Bariatrics is the medical specialty of weight control. It is derived from the Greek word "baros", which means weight. A bariatrician is a licensed medical doctor who is qualified to practice Bariatric medicine. Georgia Bariatrics is Dr. McBarron's private medical practice. If you are looking for a weight loss center...

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