"I took my daughter to this facility, and it was wonderful! The staff was friendly and professional. It was quick. The facility was clean and comfortable. I would definitely take"

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Lakeshia Weston, 06/2016, courtesy of Google

Kids Prompt Care

Welcome to Augusta’s Only Kids Prompt Care, for children up to 15 years of age. Specializing in sudden, minor illnesses that do not require the emergency room. Kids Prompt Care is here to provide a needed, after hours service for children. You are not changing pediatricians! We work with your...

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"Words cannot describe how great this place is. Service is prompt and the staff is professional and courteous. Perfect Health Urgent Care has earned a customer for life (but hopefully"

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Jason Parker, 06/2016, courtesy of Google

Perfect Health Urgent Care & Medical Weight Loss

Our urgent care facility is well equipped to handle all non-emergent conditions. We are well staffed and have increased our available services to accommodate your visit without having to go elsewhere. Perfect Health provides patients with all of the following services: •Treatment of most non-emergent conditions •X-rays, CT scans, Labs...

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"I'm so glad MedNow opened up in West Augusta! I woke up ill one morning and was able to be seen and diagnosed at MedNow before my doctor's office even"

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Jennifer Rahner, 03/2016, courtesy of Google

MedNow Urgent Care

Are you looking for an urgent care clinic in the Augusta, GA area? Look no further than MedNow Urgent Care! MedNow is locally owned and operated by Dr. Mark Newton, M.D., a board certified emergency medical physician. He and his staff are committed to delivering a higher level of...

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"I've always received prompt, courteous, and professional service every time I've visited Dr. Wallentine."

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Ty Addison, 06/2016, courtesy of Google

Evans Urgent Care and Family Medicine

Evans Urgent Care is a reputable family and occupational medicine walk-in clinic located in Evans. Dr. Wallentine is board-certified in family medicine. We provide both family and occupational medicine. Appointments are not necessary. Our dedicated and friendly staff will take care of all your occupational health and family medicine needs...

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