"My wife and I broke down on our way to TN. I called a local auto parts store and they directed me here. The tow was quick, the family atmosphere"

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Evan G., 6/2015, courtesy of Google

Martin's Garage & Wrecker Services

Martins Wrecker Service is a family owned and operated business, which has been a major factor in its success. Along with family, our skilled, dedicated and valued employees are the backbone of our operation. All operators are drug tested, undergo a background check, are uniformed and are certified in Towing...

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"My car slid sideways to dangle precariously on the side of the straight down cliff on a rainy, Friday night. Donny of Matthews Garage arrived quickly and assessed the situation"

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Pam T., 7/2014, courtesy of Google

Matthews Garage Inc

Matthews Garage, Inc. is a family owned and operated business, servicing North Georgia for over 50 years. With a family tradition that is in its third generation, we offer experience and knowledge that other companies lack. With a wide array of services we are the company to meet your needs...

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