"Ru San's is our favorite sushi place in the world. The service is efficient, the prices are very reasonable, and the sushi is delicious. My suggestion for a perfect meal:"

Reviewed by:
Joshua K., 09/2016, courtesy of Google

Ru San's of Athens

Authentic Japanese Cuisine with the Largest Sushi Selections, Seafood & Steak. Original since 1992 at Ru San’s Athens, you will find authentic Japanese Grilled Seafood, Steak, Popular Traditional and Modern Creative Japanese dishes, and the Largest Sushi Selections, at the most affordable price. Our staff are highly trained to ensure...

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"I love Shokitini! I've been on a business trip in Athens and have eaten here 4 of the 9 nights... haha, maybe a bit extreme but it's that good. I"

Reviewed by:
Ria S., 09/2016, courtesy of Yelp


Experience our inspire fusion of Japanese cuisine with distinctive creativity, contemporary atmosphere, exotic, cocktail and private karaoke party accommodation. Shokitini in Athens offers flavorful eats and tasty desserts. Shokitini is a haven for fans of low-fat fare, and healthy living is promoted through a fresh and flavorful menu. Here at...

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"Very good food. Easily the best hibachi in Athens. The lunch hibachi offers very reasonable prices."

Reviewed by:
Vichapat Piyaratn, 06/2016, courtesy of Google

Inoko Japanese Steakhouse

For fresh maki, Athens' Inoko Japanese Steak House has got you covered. The menu at Inoko Japanese Steak and Seafood House is loaded with gluten-free and low-fat options. Inoko Japanese Steak and Seafood House is a prime location to dine with a group. Get dressy for a fancy meal out...

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"I have eaten at most of the Japaneese restaurants between Gwinette and Athens and this is my favorite by far."

Reviewed by:
Chris O., 09/2016, courtesy of Yelp

Sakura Steak House

Sakura Steak House is a Japanese eatery with a stylish, rustic feel, serving sushi, cooked dishes & hibachi-grill fare. Sakura Steak House in Athens also serves some of the best beef in town, and dedicated customers dish out star-studded reviews. Complete your meal with the perfect glass of wine or...

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"Love this place. We come here a lot and they have pretty good sushi and habachi style food. It's great to have this option other than fast food around this"

Reviewed by:
Jessica G., 04/2016, courtesy of Google

Tokyo Express

Tokyo express is a customer oriented quick service Japanese restaurant for lunch and dinner. We go through the extreme to provide freshness, taste, and value altogether without sacrificing health. Tokyo express prepares and cooks for customer upon order to maintain freshness. Our Tokyo products go through special marinating process to...

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