"2 Weeks of one on one training + 5 weeks of boot camp = 12.75 inches GONE. Thanks to Ed and my battle buddy from work. Ed is a"

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Revenia Buck, 08/2013, courtesy of Google

Team Fit Personal Training

Team Fit Personal Training is the CSRA’s only completely PRIVATE training studio. This is the most personal and comprehensive program available, where the focus is achieving your goals. Fewer distractions mean better results. Our clients continue their program long after others have quit going to the gym. We are here...

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"Love love love this place! I have yet to try the classes, but my personal trainer is truly amazing! She knows just how to kick my butt yet can still"

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Brittany P., 07/2016, courtesy of Yelp.com

Oxygen Fitness Studio

Oxygen Fitness is a revolutionized fitness studio. We believe that fitness should help people connect with their true and best selves while building a strong community. Our love for group fitness began after several trips to fitness studios in New York City. It was the lively atmosphere, excitement and motivation...

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"Excellent Gym located in the west town chopping center! They have the best equipment also they are open very late I really like that since I work late sometimes. Friendly"

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Ryan Michaels, 06/2016, courtesy of Google

Evans Fitness Club Express

We believe that we're the best fitness experience you'll find anywhere in the CSRA. Just try us...you'll see. With multiple locations, our fitness experts are super easy to reach no matter where you are. We're here for you....

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