"At first I consider Aksium like any other employment or staffing company.That was until Elena analyzed the test results of an employee. Not only did that employee fail it"

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Ericwhite, 4/2013, courtesy of Kudzu


We are not the typical recruitment agency. We are business owners, who grew tired of losing sleep concerned about their job security. Peace of mind is something you can't put a price on that. We have a clear understanding of what it is that moves your business to success and...

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"It was a very good experience in Business Management. I had many meetings with the managers from different companies."

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Former Employee, 5/2014, courtesy of Indeed

Synergy Network Solutions

Synergy can find the best and most talented and technical candidates quickly and cost effectively. Through quality-focussed recruiting and hiring methods, we provide the right people with the right skills. We go through extensive applicant searches and screenings when recruiting for our clients. We offer contract employment, permanent employment, executive-level...

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"Snelling gives you a great opportunity to get more experience in the field you're seeking."

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Ashley Rose S., 3/2015, courtesy of Facebook


Welcome to Snelling where we focus on connecting great job seekers with leading employers here in our community and beyond. We have a lot of experience and hometown roots, we know the clients and the positions that need to be filled today. Snelling was founded by employment industry pioneers Lou...

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"My recruiter from Randstand worked with me well before placing me in my present job. They communicated well and the placement was fast and I am enjoying my job. When"

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Anonymous, 5/2013, courtesy of On Contracting


Success depends largely on the people you employ; therefore it also depends on the people you employ to find them. We are a national company with branches all over and we are informed about all the local job markets. We will work with you at entry level since your needs...

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"Pathfinders was a lifesaver for me! Marilyn (and Gwen) helped me every step of the way and I found an amazing job within a couple of weeks! I highly recommend"

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Kaitlyn Johnson, 02/2019, courtesy of Google

Pathfinders Inc

Since 1976, we at Pathfinders have distinguished ourselves in the placement of administrative and executive support talent. Our goal has always been to create the highest standard for client and candidate relationships, professionalism and business practices. To attain this level of excellence, we have elected to have a single focus:...

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