"I was in town on business and needed to get a virus off my laptop. It took a few days, because my laptop was in VERY bad shape. But, it's"

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Diaon W., 10/2015, courtesy of Google


Trust your local computer repair technicians for great service and reasonable prices. Computer problems require computer repair from CompuSave in Athens, Georgia, also offering computer sales for both residential and commercial purposes. You'll never have to deal with an automated phone answering system, as we answer the phone ourselves to...

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"Look no further - This guy is GREAT!! Our house was hit by lightning and it took out the modem as well as parts of my computer. I am a"

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Wendy M., 08/2015, courtesy of Google


My name is Kenneth and I operate my business out of Athens, Ga. I am a trained, licensed CompTIA A+ certified IT technician with over 20 years of experience in hardware , computer, and software trouble-shooting and repair. My training and experience includes all Microsoft operating systems and home/business networking. I...

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