"My 2010 Outlander would start just fine but as soon as I'd put it in reverse and try to back out in the morning, I'd have no power. I thought"

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Loni Mile, 03/2019, courtesy of Google

Alex Auto Inc

Alex Auto Inc. has been in business in the Atlanta area since 1996. We have been providing honest, quality service for over 20 years, and we strive to maintain a personal touch with all of our clients. We specialize in European, Japanese, and Korean brands. Alex Rabinovitch, the founder of...

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"Quality work, honest mechanics! You guys were very friendly, understood my vehicular issues and were able to successfully diagnose in a timely manner. Repairs were impressively fast as well, including"

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Aric Lundy, 03/2019, courtesy of Google

Christian Brothers Automotive

No passage sums up our approach to customer service better than this one: “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.” - Matthew 22:39. Even after more than 38 years of business in 30 states, this simple idea continues to guide our policies and practices. Christian Brothers Automotive was founded in 1982...

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"I had been looking at buying a used Toyota Avalon from Versatile Collections, but I first wanted to have it inspected at Corey's Auto Service before I agreed to buying"

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Meredith R., 03/2019, courtesy of Yelp

Corey's Auto Service

Providing quality car care in Cumming GA over 15 years. Corey’s Auto Service is a family owned business delivering honest and professional automotive repair and maintenance services to the people of Cumming, Alpharetta, Sugar Hill, Buford, Duluth and surrounding areas. The quality ASE (automotive service excellence) certified technicians at Corey’s...

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"Friendly, professional,fair pricing.Thats just the start of Why they get a Five Star from me. I start hearing this noise that sound like my brakes would drop out"

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Rose Hill, 06/2018, courtesy of Google

Meineke Car Care Center

Meineke is your local brake expert. When you need brake repair, brake pad replacement, or even a total brake job, Meineke brake shops are here to help you with everything you need to stop safely. We are the best place to have your brakes serviced not just for the expert...

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"I'm so glad my family and I found this place. We always worry about who we can trust with our cars. We can't afford being taken advantage of but we"

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Natalia Cruz, 10/2018, courtesy of Google


Because we want the best for you and the environment, we recycle all our replaced steel parts and used oil. We also go the extra mile and recycle anti-freeze and all types of freon. We do all this because we know it's important to our future generations and to you...

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"My daughters transmission was making a bunch of noise and wasn't functioning well. She's in Atlanta and I'm in Texas. So I looked on the internet to find a transmission"

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Chris L., 1/2015, courtesy of Google

Precision Transmission Services

Our motto at Precision Transmission services is that "we have kept America moving for over 40 years". We are a locally owned and operated business that offerers competent and professional transmission repair and rebuilding. We offer a full warranty on any transmission repairs we do. If you own more than...

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