"This place was there when I needed MOST! An unexpected drive they window in the rain in February with a hot breakfast on the way back from some ungodly appointment"

Reviewed by:
B. M., 8/2015, courtesy of Yelp

Papa Jack's Country Kitchen

His name was Charles Wesley Mays. Most people called him Jack, some called him Charlie, while growing up in Kirkwood and at Marist, they called him Big Chief. But to all the kids he was simply known as "Papa Jack". Papa Jack lived in a time when life was simpler...

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"I work at RabbitTown Cafe and I've been a customer for it for 3years. The food has always been great and the kitchen is spotless. The whole time I've worked/ate"

Reviewed by:
Tori P., 8/2012, courtesy of Google

Rabbittown Cafe

"Wow 0h wee!!! Southern comfort food at its best! Great service, big portions, and real value."...

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