"Amazing!! My favorite place so far in the south. Excellent, creative food. Extensive beer list all served in a logo glass from that brewery and the appropriate glass. Great service"

Reviewed by:
Jess Poshepny V., 7/2015, courtesy of Google

Brick Store Pub

Three friends from Athens, Georgia (Dave Blanchard, Mike Gallagher and Tom Moore) wanted, like so many others with a degree and no idea what to do with it, to own their own pub. Having worked in the bar/restaurant business for a combined 20+ years in Athens and Atlanta, they realized...

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"Another brilliant meal at the Kimball House puts it in my top five list for Atlanta. Yes, the parking is challenging (well, I am pretty fit, so, if I have"

Reviewed by:
Stefen F., &/2015, courtesy of Yelp

Kimball House

We serve food and drinks that reflect the seasons, farms, and personalities of the people preparing them. Humility, hospitality, and passion for our crafts are our fuel and foundation. Service with love and a sense of welcome are what you will find inside our walls....

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"Cakes & Ale was one of the BEST meals I've had in Atlanta (well, technically Decatur) in quite some time. Everything was delicious and cooked to perfection! My friend and"

Reviewed by:
Chelsea F., 8/2013, courtesy of Google

Cakes & Ale

Billy was born in New York and grew up in Greenwood, South Carolina first eating and then recreating with his family the dishes of his Napoli born Grandmother. The experience of these meals and his eventual move to the San Francisco Bay area created a foundation for his love and...

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"I really do like Leon's but I know that I'm probably not cool enough to eat there. It's definitely a hipster type place. And it seems to have gotten even"

Reviewed by:
Amanda W., 8/2015, courtesy of Yelp

Leon's Full Service

There was a time when you pulled up to a gas station and immediately about 4 people would descend upon your vehicle with smiles. They would check your oil, check your tire pressure. Clean your windows, fill your tank and above all ask you how you are doing and what...

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"Everything about Rosebud was fantastic. I ate here the last weekend I lived in Atlanta and regret not making it a regular spot. We knew there would be a long"

Reviewed by:
Rachel H., 8/2015, courtesy of Google


Welcome to Rosebud. We are a neighborhood restaurant located in Morning side, just outside of Virginia-Highlands, focusing on good food, kind flavors and lots of atmosphere. Serving brunch on Fridays, dinner Monday through Friday and weekend brunch, we are proud to offer a menu featuring local and regional ingredients because...

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"I've eaten here about every 4-6 months over the past 3 years, and only had one less than wonderful experience. My guests and I have been consistently happy with the"

Reviewed by:
Paula A., 8/2015, courtesy of Google

Sprig Restaurant and Bar

Neighborhood owners Anthony & Jennifer Tiberia have established a community centered restaurant to the Oak Grove neighborhood. Sprig is a farm to table restaurant specializing in Southern comfort food utilizing locally owned farms, wineries and breweries whenever possible. Sprig is the only farm to table style restaurant in the area...

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