"Autumn Air Heating & Cooling are great people and an awesome company. I was dreading spending this amount of money which I’m sure others can relate to but the final"

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Katelyn Besch, 04/2019, courtesy of Google

Autumn Air Heating and Cooling

Autumn Air Heating & Cooling is a Birmingham, AL and surrounding counties based HVAC family owned company. We specialize in A/C Repair, A/C Replacement, and Air Conditioning Maintenance. We do service both residential and commercial accounts We guarantee Honest, Effective, and Quality service that you deserve. Each certified tech will...

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"The technician that came to investigate why my heater was cycling on and off and dispersing gas smell throughout the house in the process really went beyond the call of"

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Bonnie Bailey, 01/31/2017, courtesy of Google Reviews

Freedom Heating and Cooling

In 2003, Freedom Heating and Cooling was established by John Johnson, a 35-year veteran of the HVAC industry. Freedom has remained family owned and operated ever since, now being run by Johnson’s son. Over the years, it has grown to encompass a trained & professional staff of 25 members, but...

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"I called Trinity Service Dept. for a second opinion following my semi-annual HVAC service by another HVAC company. Their tech told me I had a severe problem with bacteria in"

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D Trimble, 08/2019, courtesy of Google

Trinity Contractors Inc.

Our staff is committed to outstanding customer service. We are proud to employ highly skilled tradesmen who are professionally trained and licensed. We understand your time is extremely valuable and want to be as accommodating as possible. We can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a...

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