"My husband and I have both had Lasik surgery in the past 6 months with Dr. Kloess. We have been extremely satisfied so far. Dr. Kloess has been so kind"

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AJ J, 05/2017, courtesy of Google

Alabama Vision Center

Welcome to Alabama Vision Center, home to our Birmingham optometrists and ophthalmologists. The mission of our practice is simple: to provide the best in medical and surgical eye treatment in a caring environment. Our highly trained doctors provide comprehensive services ranging from examinations for glasses and contacts to advanced procedures...

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"My first pair of glasses and eye exam! Loved my Doctor Mac and all the eye technicians That fitted me with a great pair! They took their time to teach"

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Margaret S., 02/2017, courtesy of Google

VisionFirst Eye Center

At VisionFirst Eye Center, your vision and eye health is our first priority. Our doctors focus on providing the newest science and technology while applying it to your specific eye care needs. Since 1997, VisionFirst Eye Center has offered a range of medical, surgical and optical services. Our team has...

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"The doctor was so professional! The staff was very friendly. Thanks to your team I received answers to all of my questions, and received information about my son that could"

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Shenard G., 05/2017, courtesy of Facebook

Hooks Eye Associates

Our doctors and staff at both our Hoover locations are committed to assuring that you receive the highest quality eye care available. Our emphasis is on comprehensive eye examinations, the fitting of contact lenses, and the diagnosis and management of eye disease. We are dedicated to caring for your eyes...

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"Very good service didn't take long at all, I got new lenses for my eye glasses and a prescription for contacts after they sized me and I completed a 2"

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Krystal H., 01/2017, courtesy of Google

America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Stop by our Birmingham, Alabama America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses for your annual eye exam. Eye doctors are waiting to help you see more clearly! Birmingham America's Best offers the best Prices in Sight! You can get 2 complete pairs of glasses with single vision uncoated plastic lenses for $69...

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"Been going to Dr. Skoney for almost twenty years. Great facility and staff. Very pleasant. I truly love Dr.Wolfe and the new Dr. Budraitis is awesome as well"

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Trinita M., 11/2017, courtesy of Google

EyeCare Associates

Founded in 1996 By Dr. Tommy Crooks, Dr. Catherine Amos, Dr. Lynn Hammonds, Dr. James Skoney, Dr. Charles Brown and Dr. Debbie Brown, EyeCare Associates started out with 5 locations in Alabama. EyeCare Associates has now grown into the largest eye care group in Alabama with over 34 doctors to...

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