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Expertise Matters When You Hire an Accident Attorney.
There are many commercial truck wreck lawyers, but only a select few have the experience, expertise and results to call themselves a Witherite Law Group 1-800-CarWreck lawyer.

Car wreck victims need expertise for several reasons. One is the fact multiple parties are involved in commercial wrecks from the commercial driver, to the trucking company, trailer owner and/or associated insurance companies.

The second reason expertise is critical is the extensive laws, rules and regulations of the trucking industry—federal, state and local. This knowledge is imperative to successfully navigate a car wreck case.

The attorneys at Witherite Law Group have a strong reputation for having incomparable trial experience and extensive skills in negotiating fair settlements for clients in complex cases. Clients don’t pay legal fees unless there is a successful outcome.

What Does a Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Do?
A car wreck injury lawyer will sort out the details of your accident and conduct an extensive investigation of the wreck: Interview witnesses, collect and examine police reports, review available video footage and photographs, analyze medical records, interview expert medical staff, and work with consultants to reconstruct the accident scene.

They will pursue those at fault to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Overall, it’s a process that requires grit, determination, and expertise to deliver success.