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Hello, my name is Shawntel M. Waajid, and I am the owner of The Nappy Hutt Natural Hair Care Salon and Braid Center. I am a cosmetology graduate of Atlanta Technical College in Atlanta, Georgia, and have been licensed professionally since 2003. I specialize in Extended Styling and Natural Hair Care. I have been braiding since I was 7 years old (37 years!). My areas of expertise are braiding, twisting and loc maintenance.

I am a previous stylist of the Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Care Center in Atlanta, Georgia. From April 2009 to present, I have held the position of Assistant and/or Lead Stylist for the Taliah Waajid 3-Day Natural Hair and Braid Seminar held annually in Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching healthy hair care techniques to other professionals is MY PASSION! My goals in the cosmetology industry are to open up my own hair academy and own a chain of Nappy Hutts across the country!

The Nappy Hutt is Savannah’s first exclusive Natural Hair Care salon and Braid shop. The owners have contributed to the Natural Hair & Braid industry working directly for and alongside Taliah WAAJID (“”Queen of Natural, Curly, Coily Hair Care”) as previous stylists of the Taliah WAAJID Natural Hair Care Center in Atlanta, Georgia, Lead Instructors for the Taliah WAAJID 3-Day Instructional Seminars, Lead instructor (Jibril) (Loc 101) at the annual Taliah WAAJID World Natural Hair Health and Beauty Show.

Exude an unparalleled quality of work and excellent customer service. The salon is quaint, yet cozy, MATURE, soothing and PROFESSIONAL! Enjoy free Wi-Fi a cup of coffee/tea, or a beverage while you await your service or while under the dreaded dryer, Salon customers receive a thorough hair analysis and in-depth consultation , education on how to maintain healthy, strong hair, and healthy styling recommendations.

We will not overbook, we will call you if there is a scheduling conflict or delay with your appointment, and we will honor agreed upon pricing. We promise you an UNBEATABLE salon experience. We look forward to serving you and being BLESSED with your patronage.