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At the Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub, P.C. we have fought for the rights of the accused since 1985. With decades of legal experience behind us, we understand the burden of a criminal arrest, and our attorneys are prepared to protect your rights, freedom, and future.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal allegations, the stakes are high, and this is not a game. Your future is now face-to-face with the U.S. criminal justice system, and you need a proven, experienced lawyer on your side.

Our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys are prepared to help you through each phase of your legal journey. When you choose to work with our firm, you can be confident that passionate, proven, and highly experienced attorneys will be fighting on your behalf. We use our thorough knowledge and understanding to the advantage of our clients; crafting cases that are designed to aggressively combat popular prosecution methods and common evidence used in cases.