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| Servicing Muscogee County and Surrounding Areas, GA

We are fluent in English, Espanol, and Thai.

At Sara’s Hair Salon, we pride ourselves on making the customer feel comfortable as well as satisfied. We specialize in all types of hair regardless of ethnicity. We offer haircuts for women, men and children, hair color, low lights, high lights, relaxers, perms, natural hair, face waxing, deep conditioning, style, color correction, hair extensions, up-do’s and if there is anything that we don’t offer now, we will in the near future.

I’d like to personally take the time out to thank every last one of my past, present and future clients. Without you, there wouldn’t be what is now my pride and joy, Sara’s Hair Salon.

To those we’ve met, thank you and to those we haven’t met yet, it’ll be our pleasure to create your vision to the best of our abilities and we look forward to meeting you all. :)