Randy's Bar-B-Q

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| Servicing all of Chatham County, GA

If you travel by 750 Wheaton Street between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays, you will most likely see a line of people waiting to receive a BARBQ dinner from Randy’s BARBQ. Randolph Frazier, the proprietor of this establishment has discovered the secret to a simple and profitable business, “plenty of good food with limited choices that is reasonably priced.”

Day after day customers come from miles to enjoy their choice of tender ribs, juicy chicken and delightful seafood served with a side of the day, usually baked beans or potato salad and bread. Randy primarily targets the lunch crowd and he has mastered the secret of accommodating his customers so that they can get a savory lunch and return to work on time. His simple and efficient system results in a constant flow of 300 repeat as well as new customers daily.

Mr. Frazier found the perfect location which positions him to attract both walk-by and drive-by traffic. He is strategically situated to appeal to individuals traveling from downtown to the frequently traveled Truman Parkway. He is also right across the street from the Department of Family and Children Services, walking distance from three public housing complexes and within two miles of the Housing Authority of Savannah, four elementary schools and several residential communities.