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| Servicing Muscogee County and Surrounding Areas, GA

Novo Fitness Studio is the product of a long dream, intense training, and passion. Located in Columbus (Midland), Georgia, it is a 100% locally owned and operated, licensed studio, and intimate fitness boutique that strives to provide a unique and personal fitness experience for people of every fitness level. It offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is unparalleled in other fitness methods. Novo first opened its doors to Columbus in February 2014, and has grown and expanded drastically since its opening, now offering 35+ classes per week!

Specializing in form-focused, mindbody methods, Novo is the first and only BarreAmped studio in Georgia and the first barre method of any kind in Columbus. It is also a teacher training facility for our other invigorating, mindbody method, tap n’ pow{h}er. We are honored to host and lead tap n’ pow{h}er certifications for the Southeast region, having worked closely with the method’s creator, Amy Weber in Franklin, Tennessee. We specialize in two licensed, certified methods, allowing our clients to progress and grow within these methods, seeing and feeling changes in their bodies quickly.

We as a studio are licensed to teach our specific methods, and every instructor is certified in her specific method(s). Find out more about our instructors and their extensive training under “About our Instructors.”

Upbeat and inspiring music combined with clear, form-based instruction provides a fun, inviting, and lively atmosphere to challenge yourself to change and/or strengthen your body. Teacher led classes based on tactile corrections and small class sizes allow for you to have one-on-one interaction as you work out with others striving for excellence. Join our community and enjoy working out in a comfortable, friendly, encouraging environment.

At Novo Fitness, we understand the importance of varying your workout, while staying safe and maximizing each session. Novo offers clients a “one stop shop” for a variety of mindbody methods, with options for low-impact, beginner classes, to cardio-driven classes, and even room to grow with advanced level classes! Even more, because of the freedom within the methods we teach, no two classes will ever be the same!

Novo Fitness Studio’s motto sums up our goals for our clients. As a client, you can connect to others, as well as connect your mind to your body to achieve your goals. You will advance to new levels, both mentally, and physically, and will see a transformation in mind and body beyond what you ever thought was possible.

We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and a form of fitness that we truly believe yields unbelievable results. In addition, we are proud to carry unique, upscale fitness apparel from several top designers, as well as custom pieces and and accessories in our studio lobby boutique! We are excited to connect and journey with you in your transformation!