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| Servicing Muscogee County and Surrounding Areas, GA

Columbus Ga Lawyer Mark Jones believes in fighting for his clients. Mark practices in Georgia and Alabama in the following areas: Criminal Defense, Family Law, Workers Compensation, and Personal Injury

Mark firmly believes that a lawyer must constantly fight for his clients to make sure they are treated fair by the insurance industry and the legal system. He also represents those accused of crimes, ensuring that the Constitution’s promise of Due Process and the protections of the 4th Amendment are fulfilled.

Finally, Mark has a heart for helping people through difficult family/custody situations.He knows no bounds. Mark actively practices in both Georgia and Alabama. In his career, Mark has handled hundreds of cases from intake to completion. He is not afraid to challenge convention in the representation of his clients. Mark prefers to be called a “lawyer” rather than an “attorney” because he wants to remain humble and avoid arrogance.