Highland Urgent Care & Family: Beaulieu Nicholas MD

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920 Ponce De Leon Ave NE | Atlanta, GA 30306

We are a full service Urgent Care clinic with a full-service primary care practice to serve your family’s medical needs. We are a proud member of the Intown community and have been providing urgent and ongoing medical care in a compassionate, non-judgmental setting for over a decade. It is our goal to provide efficient, cost-effective care for individuals and families. Some things that make us special include:

We specialize in walk-in treatment of non-life threatening acute injuries and minor illnesses for patients of all ages. We provide diagnostic testing, physical exams, vaccinations, x-rays and fast, friendly service. Urgent Care has been one of the most rapidly growing segments of our medical system. This is in response to the loss of Primary Care Physicians and the inability to receive care for routine problems in a timely manner.

Having worked in the E.R. for ten years prior to opening this practice, I understand the use and mis-use of our Emergency Departments. Urgent Care arose to unburden the E.R.s from non-emergent patients allowing them to function more efficiently (at least in theory;). Highland Urgent Care and Family Medicine has been innovative in the delivery of health care services.

We were a decade ahead of Wall Street and their venture capitalists who are now attempting to take over the market with cookie cutter locations and corporate branding. We remain a physician owned neighborhood clinic. Most importantly we are here for you when it is not just a simple band aid or prescription needed.

We provide ongoing care and diagnostics with trusted referral sources not under the same employ as the urgent care clinic whom you were referred by. Come to Highland Urgent Care and Family Medicine for the convenience but stay with us for the outstanding customer service and comprehensive care.