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2127 1/2 E Victory Dr | Savannah, GA 31404

We are a locally owned personal training and dance studio in Savannah, GA with an emphasis on getting you results with our science-based methods. Our certified trainers will help customize the best workout for you! We also offer group training discounts, pole fitness classes and pole parties. Our Mission at First City Fitness is to improve the quality of life of our clients by creating a healthy and active lifestyle through Strength Training, Cardiovascular Exercise, and Clean Eating. Contact us today!

First City Fitness in Savannah, Georgia is comprised of a team of Individual Strength Coaches. All of our trainers are certified be either: The American College of Sports Medicine or The National Strength and Conditioning Association. Both of these organizations teach principles based on science and these principles are backed by the most current research in the Sports Medicine World.

Our Trainers design strength training programs for each client individually based on their specific goals. We do not take clients through programs from the internet, blogs, or magazines. We get results because we use research backed principles of science. Each program we design for our clients’ runs between 4-8 weeks and progresses each week so the body is constantly challenged and therefore changes.

In addition to providing strength training, we educate clients on the scientific principles of how the body burns fat using both Cardiovascular Exercise and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). In order to live a healthy and active lifestyle, you must also fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to not only perform during workouts, but to keep up with the daily tasks of work, family, pets, and hobbies.

We do not encourage diets; they do not work because they are too extreme and are lacking and/or overloading in a macronutrient of some kind. Instead, we encourage a variety of healthy food choices with high nutrient density for the majority of the week and encourage our clients to still enjoy the foods they love, just in moderation and smaller portion sizes. The meal plans we encourage for our clients are designed to fuel the body often throughout the day so all calories are used, and none are stored as fat.