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Duffy Realty of Atlanta was established in 2002 and is known for home buying and home selling in Metro Atlanta. Duffy Realty of Atlanta is owned and operated by Rhonda Duffy. Rhonda lives by Duffy Realty’s motto everyday. Real Simple. Real Savings. Real Results.

This motto has ranked Rhonda as the #6 agent in the United States for Sold Properties. Rhonda Duffy has been a real estate agent for almost 20 years. Having a passion for business, real estate has been an easy industry to make changes to business.

Duffy Realty of Atlanta started to help homeowners save commission when selling a home. Duffy Realty took off in a storm and was quickly 92% referred. Closing attorneys, mortgage brokers and other agents used Duffy Realty because they felt they knew enough about the business.

Then, the average homeowner learned about us. Now, with over 14,000 homes sold, Duffy Realty of Atlanta is the leader in home sales in Atlanta and the home to the #6 ranked agent in the U.S., Rhonda Duffy who owns and operates the business every day with her husband Frank Duffy.