Critter Sit Doggie Daycare

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| Servicing all of Chatham County, GA

If you and your family are spending less and less time at home, you know that sometimes your canine misses out on the attention he craves. Dogs are pack animals and get lonely when their family is gone all day. Boredom causes otherwise perfectly good dogs to chew furniture shoes clothes and bark excessively…. all this and a little present (mess) on the floor too.

No More Guilt! take them to Critter Sit Doggie Daycare Gain piece of mind and relieve the guilt you feel “leaving your dog home alone all day”Your canine family member will play and exercise with other dogs in a loving and supervised setting and you will have a happier more fit dog.


Pet Taxi
Critter Sit Bed and Biscuits
Day Spa
Critter Sit Boutique
Climate controlled indoor and outdoor play areas
Seperate areas for small and large dogs
Flexible drop-off and pick-up times
Different Outside Playground for every day of the week.