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| Servicing all of Chatham County, GA

Welcome to Chatham Property Maintenance. LLC, the one company for you interior and exterior property services, whether residential or commercial. We are a locally owned and operated company. Chatham Property Maintenance is a growing company servicing over 300 residential and commercial properties weekly. Chatham Property Maintenance offers a full line of home and handyman services to Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill and Rincon Georgia.

Our goal as we continue to grow, is to provide you with what you love about small companies and large companies all in one package. This is one on the hardest tasks we have faced, remaining hands on with all our clients as we grow. We are putting great effort into making sure we don’t lose what has made us grow at this extremely fast pace. EVERY CUSTOMER MATTERS. Our experience in all areas of real property services separates us from other property service companies in Savannah.

We guarantee that all of our customers will be satisfied. Most people will tell you that this is impossible, but we believe that if we can make one person happy we can make all customers happy. This is our main reason for not requiring customers to have a binding contract. It ensures our customers that we will always provide them with the best service possible in order to keep there business. Thanks again for choosing CHATHAM PROPERTY MAINTENANCE..