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You Need An Experienced Family Law Attorney When Going Through a Divorce. Bushnell & Drye, LLC provides aggressive and reliable legal representation for your family law or workers’ compensation matters in Atlanta and surrounding area in Georgia.

We are ready to provide you with the legal expertise and advice you need to get through this trying time. A divorce is a difficult experience for everyone involved. It can take years to recover from the emotional and financial trauma that occurs during a divorce.

You need an attorney who is experienced in handling all types of family law situations. You need an attorney who will fight for you in court when needed, but who won’t create problems where they don’t exist.

Having personally experienced divorce first hand, we understand the benefits of reaching a fair agreement where one can be reached. We also understand that sometimes you have issues worth fighting for, and we stand ready to appear with you and court and zealously present your case.

Our lawyers handle the following cases:
– Contested Divorces
– Divorce – Uncontested Divorces
– Military Divorces
– High Value Divorce Cases
– Separation Agreements
– Alimony and Spousal support
– Child Support
– Child Custody
– Contempt
– Prenuptial Agreements
– ADR and Mediation
– Property Division and Settlement Agreements
– Preparing QDRO’s