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| Servicing all of Chatham County, GA

Head BBQ Pitmaster, Bryan Furman, is livin’ the dream having left his day job as a welder to pursue cooking his signature-style pit smoked barbeque, chicken and ribs. What began as a fun idea to celebrate his daughter’s first birthday in 2010 by roasting a hog for family and friends, turned into catering and filling order requests from his co-workers.

One night around their family’s kitchen table in North Carolina, Bryan remembers seeking his dad’s opinion on the idea of opening up his own place. His dad liked his enthusiasm but challenged Bryan to think of what might make his ‘barbeque joint’ stand out. Bryan’s reply was to raise local Heritage hogs and to make his own side dishes using locally-sourced, fresh produce with a blend of unique ingredients.

All of our meats are locally raised. B’s Cracklin’ BBQ only provides you with the freshest, best quality meats possible. B’s signature, mustard based, BBQ sauce will have your mouth watering with the first bite and leave you craving more. From Mac & Cheese to Hash & Rice, our sides are all made in-house and are the perfect pairing to our delicious meats.