Blowin' Smoke Southern Cantina

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| Servicing all of Chatham County, GA

Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina is a Savannah original, serving up in-house pecan-smoked BBQ, sandwiches, tacos, creative cocktails and more, all with a Southwestern influence. Join us on the patio or in our open air dining room seven days a week! Conveniently located near the Historic District at 1611 Habersham St.

Here at The Smoke, our BBQ is a labor of love. From the moment we receive our choice meats, we feel a devotion that only a mother can understand. Our process starts with a tenderizing brine and then we take the time to cover every square inch with our homemade dry rub. Once it makes its way to our in house smoker, the heat is on…for up to 16 hours in pecan wood!

If it’s not hand pulled, hand sliced or fallin’ off the bone tender, it’s not ours! We strive for a freshness and a quality that local farmers can tip their hat at. (Here’s lookin’ at you Savannah River Farms, GA Buffalo, Flat Creek Lodge and Southern Swiss Dairy). When you’re dining with our family, please keep in mind the time and dedication that goes into our meats. When we run out, it wasn’t for the lack of trying but the ongoing support of our loyal customers and limited smoker space. We look forward to servin’ you and yours for a long time comin’!