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591 Edgewood Ave SE | Atlanta, GA 30312

When creating Ammazza, we wanted to combine 2 things people enjoy the most – pizza and beer – and put them in an open, neighborhood friendly space that invites people to come and go as they please. With a vast selection of over 30 well thought out beers, we then set out with an ambitious goal – to create the best pizza money could buy.

We worked with the simple truth that people recognize quality, so we decided to create a pizza using the beset ingredients. Instead of limiting ourselves to Neopolitan style or NY style pizzas, we had to combine the characteristics we liked from each style to create a truly unique pizza experience.

Beginning with the dough, which is cooked in a 900-degree wood fire oven, it includes Caputo 00 flour, fresh yeast, water, sea salt, and is carefully prepared as we let it rise for 3 days before serving it. Unlike true Neopolitan pizzas, we did not want to limit ourselves to ingredients that come from a single region in Italy.

Though these can yield a great pizza, we found that in order to reach our goal, we had to admit that there were more fresh and more flavorful ingredients from other regions of the world – especially in our own back yard! As a result, we make our own fresh mozzarella daily and use meats cured and prepared by the Spotted Trotter in Kirkwood. Also, all pastries are made from scratch in house.