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591 Edgewood Ave SE | Atlanta, GA 30312

Share with us Neapolitan pizza, antipasti & Italian desserts served in airy, urban-rustic digs with a full bar at Ammazza. When creating Ammazza, we wanted to combine 2 of our favorite things pizza and beer and put them in an open, neighborhood friendly space that invites people to come and go as they please. With a vast selection of over 30 well thought out beers, we then set out with an ambitious goal – to create the best pizza money could buy.

We worked with the simple truth that people recognize quality, so we decided to create a pizza using the best ingredients. This means that instead of limiting ourselves to Neapolitan style or NY style pizzas, we felt that we had to combine the characteristics we liked from each style to create a truly unique pizza experience. All this allows us to offer a pizza that is robust in local flavors that is unique to our very own region.