Advance Medical Weight Loss

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| Servicing the Clarke County Area, GA

During your first visit we will get your health history, blood pressure, measurements, weight, and go over how you are supposed eat, exercise, and how much water you should be taking in daily.

The first appointment takes approximately 1 hour. You will need to fast from midnight the night before with nothing to eat or drink except plenty of water because we will need to do a full panel of blood work. The blood work is current for 1 year. The first office visit with blood work is $169. We will need to set up an appointment for this office visit.

We also offer injections to help aid in your weight loss. We go over the injections and what is in them and the benefits of the injections during your first office visit. The injections cost between $20 and $40. The injections are optional and are not required but our patients find them helpful in their weight loss.